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We’ll be open for new members from 11/9 – 11/13–and then we’ll be closing until November 2021.

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get the skills, tools, and support you need to grow. your. online. business.

A membership community for creators.

What if you felt 1,000% more clarity and confidence in your online business strategy?

What if your blog/podcast was reaching 4X as many people six months from now?

What if YOU (an AWESOME creator) totally DO have what it takes to build an income-producing business?

Entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster...

It's a never-ending battle of ups, down, and unexpected turns.

Every single day, creators are trying to piece together an influential platform.

  • Trying to make money
  • Trying to grow followers
  • Trying to diagnose tech issues
  • Trying to make sense of ALL THE STRATEGIES

It’s 1,000% true what they say, growing an online business is super hard.

So what do we do?

  • We buy a course lots of courses looking for shortcuts
  • We try every strategy under the sun (“why isn’t THIS one working for me when it worked for that person???”)
  • We even start doubting our ability to make this blogging thing work.

This is super frustrating.

It can lead to you quitting your blog, business–or worse yet…

Getting stuck in a constant state of overwhelm & misery.

The 6 stages of being stuck

stage 1


“Blogging is awesome. Gonna make money!”

stage 2

It’s getting real

“Whew so much to learn but I’m IN IT!”

stage 3


“Wait nothing’s really happening–this is hard?”

stage 4


“OMG way too many things to learn/do/try/fix.”

stage 5


“Nothing is working. I’m not sure I’m cut out for this.”

stage 6


“I don’t think I’ll ever grow this and make money.”

Here’s an idea.

we believe you shouldn't have to ride this roller coaster alone.

Every 👏 Single 👏 One 👏 of the 103 members of Online Impact KNOW what it’s like to grow a revenue-producing blog.

Like you, we have felt imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

We understand how it feels to check your blogs stats and wish they were higher. How frustrating even the tiniest tech issue can be. 😠

We know, and understand, your journey.

Online Impact is here to make sure your dream of having an influential and profitable business becomes a reality.

Online Impact members be like…

Howdy! I’m Pete McPherson, founder of Online Impact & Do You Even Blog.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve reviewed well over 5,000 blogs, personally worked with over 1,000 bloggers, podcasters, and online entrepreneurs.

I’ve interviewed multi-billionaires and brand-spankin-new bloggers.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s this:

There’s no secret hack to success.

That’s what you want, right? (heck, me too).

Well, too bad.

Good news though…

I’ve noticed a similar pattern in creators who transition into influencers…

It’s the UNSEXY work, but it’s the work that gets results.

That’s why we built Online Impact.

To teach you what you need to know AND give you the tools, resources, and support you need to actually reach your goals.

What is Online Impact, exactly?

A membership community for bloggers & podcasters...



Get unlimited access to up-to-date trainings

The online business world changes all the time, and we’ve made it our business to train you on the strategies and topics that are working now.

New Blogger Bootcamp – $97 INCLUDED

Brand new blogger? This course will walk you through setting up an amazing website, step-by-step.

Beginner Blog Traffic – $97 INCLUDED

These are the essentials of getting traffic to a new website. It’s tough in the early days, but these strategies will help you lay the foundation and get that traffic snowball rolling.

Beginner SEO – $97 INCLUDED

After you’re done with this short course–you’ll have a mastery of SEO fundamentals, and will have a gameplan for driving organic traffic. This is possibly the most valuable course I’ve ever created.

Beginner Monetization – $97 INCLUDED

This course shares the 2 mandatory aspects of making money you’ll need to focus on–then dives head-first into ad strategies and affiliate marketing(!)

Elementor for bloggers – $97 INCLUDED

Walks through using the WordPress plugin Elementor–including basic tutorials, examples, and also includes pre-made Elementor page and section templates!

Content That Works – $147 INCLUDED

THE course to cover blogging fundamentals that’ll yield better content and grow true fans FASTER. Includes avatars, purpose, writing techniques, formatting, and more.

Blogger Outreach – $19 INCLUDED

I’ve booked calls w/ the billionaire founder of WordPress, Neil Patel, and even had Tim Ferriss mention he should adopt me once. This course covers everything I know about influencer outreach.


If time is our most valuable asset–these templates help you get more–of that valuable asset. Use this tool to produce better content, FASTER, and with fewer brain cells 🙂


From your initial idea to your published post—I’ll share the 9-step process of content creation I use for creating blog posts that get shares, comments, backlinks, and email subscribers 👍

Facebook Ads – $97 INCLUDED

Teaches how to run successful Facebook ad campaigns. Includes set-up, ad best practices, and optimization strategies that’ll get you cheap traffic and email subscribers.

Website Speed Optimization – $39 INCLUDED

A short and sweet course that walks through how to easily get your website loading quickly!

B.O.A.T.S (Blogging organizational Airtable templates) – $77 INCLUDED

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your content production, use these Airtable templates to quickly organize your content calendar, publishing process, affiliate links, manual pinning tracker, and more. NO tech skills or paid account needed. These are plug-n-play so you can get organized ASAP.


So you’ve hit publish, now what?? This course walks you through a streamlined approach to promoting & repurposing your content so it’s EVERYWHERE.

Podcourse – $247 INCLUDED

Podcourse is a course that UNcomplicates the process of launching and growing a podcast! Seriously? One of the best courses on podcasting on the internet.

product launch workshop (Fall 2020) – Not for sale anywhere else.

Creating digital products is where the money’s at (even with a small audience). We’re running a workshop and 4-week mastermind for members looking to create, pre-sell, and launch their own product.

That’s $1,382 worth of courses, trainings, and tools (not including the product launch workshop, which is technically priceless 😉

Private Slack Community

Get support when you need it (and emojis🍕)

This is not another social network that’ll eat away at your time. This is where we discuss specific topics, ask questions, stay connected with our mastermind groups–and build connections that last.

Mastermind Matching Opportunity ($197 value)

Feedback. clarity. accountability. growth.

Being in a committed group of other entrepreneurs can 10X your game. We match you to a group of 4-6 other members who are at a similar stage with their businesses and who meet regularly via Zoom (and your own private Slack channel).

NOTE: We aren’t just randomly tossing you into a group of people and hoping you succeed.

We carefully handcraft each mastermind group–making sure that you’re a good fit (and your cohorts are a good fit for you). We also have a mandatory mastermind onboarding course, where we train each member.

NOTE 2: Placement is not guaranteed due to group and member availability.

Here's what our members say about their masterminds...

"The single best thing about a mastermind group is being able to talk about online business challenges to people who get it!"
Online Impact Dino
"Since I've been in a mastermind I found the accountability I was looking for which has helped me focus on growing my business."
Online Impact Bri
“My mastermind doesn't just keep me accountable, it keeps me motivated. I feel excited and energized to work on my business after every call."
Online Impact Natalie
"I look forward to my mastermind because I come out of each meeting motivated to work on my blog!"
Online Impact Tae
"I have done more for my blog in the last 3 months with my mastermind than I have done in the last 3 years by myself."
Online Impact Thomas
"My favorite thing about my mastermind is the supportive accountability. I always follow through because I don't want to let the group down."
Online Impact Ed
"One of the things that surprised me about being in a Mastermind was how much more I accomplished, even when I'm not on the hot seat. There's something incredibly powerful about the accountability of a supportive group."
Online Impact Tiffany
"My mastermind group is awesome because after every call, I know I am not alone in my struggles and I can ask for help among people who understand. And my guys are a compassionate bunch - love them."
Online Impact LateStarterFire

Member Directory

the x-factor of relationships is real

Sometimes you can’t predict what’ll come from building connections with other influencers, but the possibilities are endless. We’ve built a custom database that’ll help you find other Online Impact members.

Live calls

Stay in the loop of what's working now.

Two times a month, we host live group calls on Zoom. We kick off the call with an update on a specific topic (SEO? Pinterest? Timely opportunities?).

We then open up the call for anybody to ask questions, get strategy help, and share tips & ideas (and “cool tools”)!

Can’t make it to that live call this week? We got you covered, too (see below)…

Member's only podcast (OIMOP)

Exclusive content for OI member's only.

We always record the first 10 minutes of the live calls and publish the replay to the member’s only podcast!

That, and sometimes Pete likes to push out short-form tips you can’t find anywhere else. You can’t search for this one in iTunes 😉

[Pro Add-On] Free access to premium tools ($500+ value)

focus on your business, not tools.

We’ll hook you up with unlimited access to premium tools that’ll take your website and business to the next level.

  • Any premium StudioPress WordPress theme you want – $499 – INCLUDED
  • Elementor Pro page builder plugin – $49/year – INCLUDED
  • Unlimited ShortPixel credits (for website speed image optimization)
  • WP Rocket cache plugin – $49 INCLUDED

That’s over $500+ in savings, available immediately 👍

[Pro Add-On] A blog audit from Pete ($197 value)

Get a personalized website review & audit from a pro.

I (Pete) will dive into your website, giving feedback on your

  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Site Optimization
  • Errors, bugs, and broken links.

In addition, he’ll send you a full detailed SEO analysis, including keyword opportunities and a competitor analysis from Ahrefs.

[Pro Add-On] A 90-minute coaching call with Raina ($300 value)

Let a trained coach help you get laser-focused.

OI Raina (Raina Willick) is a trained coach (from Co-Active, the Harvard of coaching programs that has been around for 30+ years), and is here to get you…

  • More focus in your business
  • More clarity on your strategy
  • Way, way, way more energy to execute a plan to grow your platform and make more money.

You and Raina will hop on a 90-minute Zoom/Skype call to talk it out, go through a few exercises, and get clear on a plan that’ll move you forward.

Less shiny-object syndrome, overwhelm, and uncertainty that the stuff you’re doing is the stuff you SHOULD be doing.

More clarity, focus, and vision.


That adds up to over $2,576 in value.

“Joining Online Impact has been amazing for my business. Before joining Online Impact, it was rough trying to figure out all of the tech questions on my own. After jumping into my business full time, I wanted to run my ideas by other people.

The amount of support that Pete and his team provide is by far one of the best investments I've made. The courses are incredibly detailed and I always know where to turn when I have tech questions. Plus having a personal mastermind has helped me bounce ideas off of other people. I would recommend joining Online Impact to any of my friends!”
The Course Consultant


There’s only one membership plan (with an optional addon)!

$50 / month


$500 / year

(2 months free!)

Here’s what you get 👇


Want premium tools, a blog audit from Pete, and a 90-min coaching call with Raina?

Add the PRO ADD-ON at checkout.

pro add-on


One-Time Payment!

This addon is only available to Online Impact members, and is designed to

  1. Get you laser-focused on a growth strategy,
  2. Get your site optimized 100%–FAST.
  3. Hook you up with premium blogging tools for free!


The "30-day, 100% money-back refund else we'll delete our entire site" guarantee.

If you’re not entirely satisfied after being in Online Impact for 30 days, email and I’ll issue you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

I promise. Else I’ll delete my entire website.

There is zero risk to you joining Online Impact for 30 days.

Also, you can cancel your membership at anytime. No commitments.


Pete McPherson, founder of DYEB and Online Impact

Here's what happens next.

  1. You join Online Impact
  2. We’ll set you up with your resources and I’ll personally walk you through exactly where to start next
  3. You start growing your biz with more confidence, knowledge, and support.

Online Impact is probably NOT a good fit for you if...

On the other hand...

Online Impact IS probably a great fit for you if...

“Since joining Online Impact I’ve gained clarity around my goals and the training and accountability to achieve them. My traffic has already grown by over 500% and I feel like I’ve still got a million ideas and strategies to implement. More importantly, Online Impact has given me a community of folks with similar goals and aspirations to bounce ideas off of and get encouragement from.

Having access to people at all levels and cheering each other on has been hugely motivating and immensely helpful to keeping me focused and on track for success.”
Go From Broke
“The overwhelm and "what ifs" that I've had before with growing a digital business have went away. Pete helped point me in a general direction and the rest of the bloggers, entrepreneurs and creators have showed me I'm not alone in building the business and life I want. The combination of tools, classes and connections are exactly what I need to help me in my journey of digital entrepreneurship.”
E.A.T. Money
I think three things for me:

1. I just feel better knowing I can ask questions about any aspect of my business with the group - there is so much varied knowledge and experience there

2. Access to the short, sharp courses on specific topics has been really useful

3. With the introduction of the mastermind groups, the accountability has been great - this is a huge one for me personally.

Would highly recommend Online Impact to anyone looking to take their business to the next level, regardless of where they're currently at."
Freelance Consulting Advice

Questions? Not sure?

I totally get that! Email Pete at, or Raina at, and we’ll answer any question you have!

Seriously. We’re out here, and won’t do you wrong.

Are you ready to go to the next level? Or aren’t you?

Our member’s are going to be…

  • Learning new strategies
  • Getting support and moving faster
  • Getting clear on how to grow their business

And next year (after the pandemic), we’re all going to meet up in person and hang out, strategize, talk business, and have a blast.

I’d love it if you were there.

Come join us & let’s grow.