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Want to automatically add OI events to your personal calendar? Click this link!

You can also open up individual events below on the calendar and add them manually.

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OI News Update – July!

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our mission

As members of Online Impact, we realize that we have both power and responsibility.

We have the ability to reach people.

Our mission is to do good, help people, and build a great life for ourselves–all through our platform.

We will do everything in our power to serve our readers, listeners, customers, clients, and cohorts.

We are honest, driven, and wise.

We have patience.

We think strategically about growth and monetization.

We do the work.

Looking to leave Online Impact? Email pete@doyouevenblog.com.

I will send you a brief survey, but it’s 100% optional. I’ll never give you a run-around for canceling your membership.

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Hey! Why are you down here?

Can’t find something? Email pete@doyouevenblog.com!

Else get back to work 😉